Wednesday, January 4, 2012

About Buddha and his religion ‘Buddhism’

Buddhism a religion followed by billions of people around the world stands on three pillars- the founder-Buddha, his teachings-Dhamma, and the last called Sangha which means the order of Buddhist monks and nuns. Buddhism is a “dharmic” religion which is also popularly called Buddha dharma.The teachings of Buddhist texts are in PALI and SANSKRIT languages.

The site basically discusses about the life of those people who have dedicated their lives in the teachings and principles of Buddhism and sacrificed every materialistic comfort of life. This shows how to get truthfulness in life. Here is a Great Man who followed the steps of Ahimsa and Dharma.

Ahsoka the Great: The grandson of Chandra Gupta Maurya the founder of Mauryan Dynasty and the brave son of Bindusura came to throne in 238 B.C. Much of Ashoka is known from the inscriptions on a series of rocks and pillars found scattered in various regions of India. These data provided information about his reign and policies.He was a skilled warrior and had sharp intelligence who for the sake of power never looked or thought before slaughtering the head of his enemies. After eight years of his rule he waged war against a peaceful kingdom called Kalinga (present Orissa today). This battle was the turning point of his life. The battle saw thousands and thousands of men and women killed. The carnage he had caused horrified him so much that he gave up violence and turned to Buddhism for solace and repentance. He died in 233 B.C.

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